I have a blog

por llforbes

Um blog sobre qualquer coisa fora do meu ordinário.

“Linus’s blanket has the ability to be reshaped into nearly any form and be put to many different uses. These are: Security Blanket (primary use), Neck Scarf, a quilt for Lucy’s doll’s bed (she cut a square out from the middle of the blanket), various representational shapes for a “flannelgraph” (Lucy at work with her scissors), flannel squares to clean Linus’ glasses (Lucy and her scissors), Lucy’s kite, a penguin, a parachute, two sports coats (one for Snoopy and one for Woodstock), a hospital robe for Spike, a cowboy’s neckerchief, a stylish neck scarf, a bullfighter’s cape, a whip or insect swatter (“fastest blanket in the West”), a pool table felt, a hammock, a big bow tie, a slingshot, second base, Dracula’s cape, a bunny, a monster that hisses at Lucy and attacks her (the blanket’s own transformation), a “paper” airplane, and a cummerbund.” (do Peanuts Wiki)