Lost in Translation

por llforbes

(via: notebookdoodles)

Post rapidinho só para dividir um artigo que gostei bastante, publicado ontem no NY Times (eu leio outros jornais, às vezes…) e chamado “Even in English, a Language Gap”.

Dois trechos:

(…) no one can ever love someone constantly, equally, at all times. It has to rise and fall and wax and wane to maintain its permanence. That is its permanence.

Spot on.

(…) In German you can say “ich habe mich gerade wieder in dich verliebt,” which translates as “I just fell in love with you again,” but which actually means a moment when you realize again why you are in love with someone, an outburst of love.”

Dentro de toda a chatice alemã, os caras às vezes acertam, não?